Welcome to Bella’s K9 Academy

Here at Bella’s K-9 Academy we work with both the dog and the person. We teach you how to train your dog to help you build a better relationship and to understand how your dog learns. Our goal is for you to have a well behaved dog that can live within your household as a member of the family.

We offer an eight week Basic Obedience class (Level 1) for the beginners where you will teach your dog how to sit, lay down, stand, sit stay, come when called and walk politely on a leash. The behaviors that you will teach your dog will help with such things as jumping on people, darting out doors, excessive pulling on the leash, and other common household problems.

Bella is an AMAZING Teacher. LoKi has learned so much in this class. Looking forward to Level 2 – Manuela Blackwell

The Level 2 class starts polishing the work that we started in Level 1 and gets the owner and dog started on off-leash work, like an off-leash recall, longer distance and more distractions on the sit stay, a down stay, and a finish after the recall (getting the dog back to your side). Novice Open, Utility, Rally, and Agility are the showing classes designed by the AKC.

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