Boarding Information

Boarding Information

Situated on our 5 acre farm just outside of Glendale, “right outside our back door” sits our boarding facility for Bella’s K-9 Academy. We built it small (only 8 kennels) in order to provide exceptional care to your furry friend while you are away. With its spacious kennels and fenced in play yard, your dog will be comfortable and well cared for during their stay with us.

We provide water, bowls, blankets, and outside toys for your dog’s stay. In order to avoid any stomach upset, we ask that you bring your dog’s food. Also bring any medication your dog takes daily – we will administer this according to your directions at no extra charge. You may also bring toys, treats, and bedding from home that may make your dog’s stay with us more homelike.

Dogs are taken out into the play yard individually at least four times a day. Group play will only be permitted with dogs from the same family, or dogs that are already acquainted as friends with your permission. Our day starts around 5:30 – 6 AM when each dog goes out to stretch and potty, then eats breakfast. Another potty break after breakfast, and then an afternoon nap. In the afternoon, each dog gets another run in the yard. Dinner is then served around 5:30 or 6 PM. A last call potty break at 10 ish, then it is bed time. Each kennel has access to an outside run. During nice weather, dogs are allowed access to these runs at various times in addition to regular potty breaks as long as someone is home.

In order to protect the health of all dogs staying with us, we require all dogs be up to date with rabies and DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvo, parainfluenza) vaccines and we ask that your dog have his or her bordetella vaccine to prevent the spread of kennel cough. Please bring a copy of vaccine records with you for the kennel records.

We offer drop off and pick up on weekends and evenings. The cost is $20.00 per day with special pricing for multiple dogs from the same family. If you would like to schedule your dog’s stay with us, please call and make your reservation quickly – with only 8 kennels we fill up fast!!

Call Bella at (270) 369-0933 or (270) 272-2393